There are some people who enjoy learning Daoyin (Qigong) the traditional way, and then there are also others, who already have their focus and priority on their particular sport or exercise but are interested to learn what traditional Chinese exercises can offer to supplement and improve the performance of their chosen sport. The following workshops are available for the modern athlete: 

Breathing & Active recovery – using traditional Chinese healing exercises

Topics covered:

-       What is Qi (vital energy)

-       How can ‘internal exercises’ benefit the part time or professional athlete 

-       Difference between ‘internal exercises’ and conventional exercises/sports

-       Concepts of internal exercises

-       Posture and relaxation drills

-       How to breathe

-       Testing your breathing

-       “Regular” and “Reverse” breathing

-       Combination breathing

-        How to calm the active mind

-       Internal exercise routine

Strength & Mobility Conditioning – using traditional Chinese exercises

Topics covered:

-       External exercises for strengthening with minimal equipment

-       Dynamic tension exercises for the fingers, arms, shoulders and chest

-       “Tendon Change” planks

-       Neck mobiliser

-       Duck walking

-       Chicken steps

-       Dragon lunges

-       And others.

External to Internal  - a workshop of traditional Chinese “hard” and “soft” exercises

This workshop is a great overview of both the external and internal exercises used in old China for strengthening body, mind and spirit

Topics covered:

-       Understanding Qi

-       The concept of exercise in traditional China

-       External exercises for strengthening

-       Internal exercises:

Vertical spinal mobility

Horizontal spinal mobility (swimming dragon)

Figure 8 spinal mobility (Golden child waves his body)

Shoulder – Elbow – wrist internal exercise

And others