Daoyin (Qigong) Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, Law Enforcement Instructor, Author. 

The story of Stan's involvement with Daoyin (qigong) and natural health is inseparable with his life long training in the martial arts. At age 13 Stan began training martial arts in Taiwan (Republic of China) where he began studying Taji (Tai Chi), 5 animal qigong and the internal art of Xing Yi. As a child his interest was in fighting and self defence, therefore the  Daoyin (qigong) practice before the martial arts class was just a bothersome necessity before the real fun began. This continued for 16 years where Stan extensively trained in the Chinese internal martial arts and Daoyin (qigong), bringing him to study with various teachers in Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and finally in Shanghai, China. However, still preoccupied with the combat effectiveness of martial arts, Stan began to train in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, eventually earning his black belt and founding the largest network of jiujitsu academies in China (www.shanghaibjj.com). He became the official combative instructor for several elite law enforcement and military units in China and the Director of the Greater China Jiu-jitsu Federation.

However, the all the hard physical training and late nights teaching began to take it's toll on his health. He began to feel constantly fatigued and light headed for no apparent reason. Western doctors in both China and Australia performed blood test and told him that he is in perfect health, but obviously something just wasn't right! So Stan began to look outside the conventional medical system for answers and began to research into both western natural health systems and Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the same time, desperate to regain his health he resumed the practice of Daoyin (qigong) and meditation, which he had previously put aside to make time for the physical training of jiu-jitsu and his teaching duties. Slowly but steadily, the Daoyin (qigong) practices together with a sound diet and lifestyle, his health began to improve. Over time, he built a system of health centred around the practice of Daoyin (qigong) while utilising the best practices of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western natural health. 

Nowadays, Stan is focused on spreading the message of  health through Daoyin (qigong), physical culture and  holistic health coaching worldwide.